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Mar 29, 2023

If you're building a business, you may be feeling burned out with the social media hamster wheel that requires you to be constantly churning out posts (that are here today and gone in a matter of hours). Or maybe you never really loved social media anyway, but you're wondering "how else are people going to find me?" How...

Mar 22, 2023

Is your website doing the job you need it to be doing? Specifically, is it acting as a client-attracting machine?

Because I have to tell you, having a "nice" looking website is not enough.

Websites are very important when building your business, but there's very little point to creating and maintaining a website if it's...

Mar 8, 2023

What does being healthy really mean? And perhaps more importantly, how can we each start to pursue our own version of wellness?

This is exactly what my guest and I get into on today's episode.

Nicola Mercer is one of the coaches on my team - she works with me inside the Wellness Coach Academy, supporting all our...

Mar 1, 2023

Are you currently working in an industry that's not related to healthcare or the wellness field, but you would really love to make a change and start building a career in wellness?

If you're like many people I talk to, you might have some doubts about your ability to do that.

You might have questioned whether it's...