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Mar 8, 2023

What does being healthy really mean? And perhaps more importantly, how can we each start to pursue our own version of wellness?

This is exactly what my guest and I get into on today's episode.

Nicola Mercer is one of the coaches on my team - she works with me inside the Wellness Coach Academy, supporting all our students and new coaches as they're building their businesses - and before coming onto my team, she was actually a student herself inside my program, and became a certified coach through WCA.

But before THAT, she was a corporate girl, working for Nike for 20 years.

Nicola learned a lot when she worked at Nike, about the power of taking care of both your body and mind, and also why, as adults, we have a responsibility to normalize healthy living for the younger generation.

We get into all of these topics and more in today's conversation.

Full episode notes: