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Mar 29, 2023

If you're building a business, you may be feeling burned out with the social media hamster wheel that requires you to be constantly churning out posts (that are here today and gone in a matter of hours). Or maybe you never really loved social media anyway, but you're wondering "how else are people going to find me?" How are you supposed to get in front of the people who you can help, and the people who will become clients?

Well, the strategy that my guest and I get into today has nothing to do with social media, and in many ways is far more effective than social media. For one thing, this strategy will help you get in front of people at the exact moment that they're looking for the solution you provide.

This strategy also has a way longer shelf life, meaning the effort that you put in now will continue to pay off for a long, long time… like we're talking months or years, rather than the hours that you get with a social media post.

My guest today is Meg Casebolt, the founder of Love At First Search and the host of the Social Slowdown podcast. 

Meg specializes in helping businesses spend less time trying to hack the algorithms and instead create SEO content that attracts their ideal audience to their website while helping entrepreneurs cut their dependency on social media for their business visibility. 

Meg's clients are entrepreneurs who are too busy changing the world to worry about things like website conversion rates and search traffic. I think you’re going to love sitting in on my conversation with Meg!

Full episode notes: