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May 28, 2020

Do you have an investment you want to make in your coaching business ... but you need buy-in and support from your spouse first? This can be a tricky conversation to navigate — especially if your partner isn't an entrepreneur, and doesn't really "get it".

In this episode, I tackle this thorny issue, and give you 9 Dos...

May 21, 2020

Have you been struggling over how to name your new coaching business? You're not alone; this is a decision that stops a lot of new coaches in their tracks. 

I’m here to help. 

In this episode, I’ll show you how to easily choose your business name, give you plenty of ideas and examples, and help you decide which name...

May 14, 2020

Is the coaching market saturated? I hear this a lot, so let's examine this issue.

Regardless of whether you believe the market is saturated or not, there's little doubt it’s getting crowded. There are increasing numbers of coaches out there, and coaching in general is becoming more mainstream. 

And that’s exactly...

May 7, 2020

No matter where you are in your coaching business journey, there’s one element playing a key, behind-the-scenes role in your success, whether you realize it or not.


That's because you can learn all the marketing strategy in the world .... but if you don’t have the right mindset to execute on everything, it...