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Mar 1, 2023

Are you currently working in an industry that's not related to healthcare or the wellness field, but you would really love to make a change and start building a career in wellness?

If you're like many people I talk to, you might have some doubts about your ability to do that.

You might have questioned whether it's something you can even do, or you might have thought things like "who am I to talk to people about their wellness?" because you don't have a background in it.

And if that sounds familiar, then you definitely need to stay tuned for this episode.

My guest today, Jenn Trepeck, runs a thriving business in the wellness space, and has a terrific podcast of her own, called Salad With A Side Of Fries. But she didn't start out that way. In fact, Jenn started moving into the wellness field and started her company as a side hustle, while working full time in hedge funds in New York City.

The wisdom that Jenn shares in this episode can actually apply to anyone who is contemplating a career change, but has some fears and hesitations that are holding them back …no matter what industry you're starting in and what industry you're looking to pivot into…but of course it especially applies if you're feeling called to the wellness space.

Full episode notes: