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Mar 22, 2023

Is your website doing the job you need it to be doing? Specifically, is it acting as a client-attracting machine?

Because I have to tell you, having a "nice" looking website is not enough.

Websites are very important when building your business, but there's very little point to creating and maintaining a website if it's not doing what you need it to do.

So how do you make sure that your website IS a client-attracting machine? What needs to go onto a website that's doing the work of attracting your dream clients and bringing them along a journey toward becoming an actual client, or customer?

My guest on this episode helps us answer these questions, and more. Jenny Belanger is the CEO and Creative Director of JennyB Designs, a website design studio, and she helps entrepreneurs and small businesses build websites that communicate and connect with visitors and attract their ideal clients. 

With Jenny's background in nonprofit and corporate marketing + communications, she has been designing websites for 20 years, and in this episode I pick her brain about all her experiences and the wisdom she's gained when it comes to website function and design.

Full episode notes: