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Feb 15, 2023

Building a tribe is such a key thing for us all, especially when we’re doing something new, or different, or scary. Having a supportive community that has your back can be the difference-maker you need, in terms of your success and your happiness.

It’s also a key element of living a healthy life, although it’s often not given the importance it deserves. After all, we humans are social creatures. We’ve always depended on our social structures for survival…and we still need them today. 

My guest for this episode, Sara Dunbar, is a member of my team inside the Wellness Coach Academy. She works with our students to support and mentor them as they go through the program, and especially to help them build their own coaching skills, which is something you’ll hear us talk about a lot during this conversation.

A key thing for Sara, one of her core values, is this idea of connecting with other people and building a tribe of supportive people as you’re going through this journey of life. And this is another thing you’ll hear us talk about during this conversation – not only about the importance of creating a community for yourself, but also how to find that community, if it’s something you feel is lacking in your life.

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