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Nov 24, 2021

Ready to get inspired by a health coach who has managed to create a ton of success for herself?

If you're struggling with doubt, and wondering if it's even possible to create a career as a health coach that's truly successful, profitable, and fulfilling, then this episode is for you.

My guest on this episode is Mandy Podclesny, a health coach who has built a beautiful, powerful, and successful career for herself. You'll hear about what it took to get where she is, and all the messy middle stuff that happened along the way.

Because, here's the thing -- I know this is possible. I interact with people all the time who are thriving in this industry. But it's not enough to just have me telling you it's possible. I think it's powerful for you to hear it from other people, too.

Which is why I love when I get the chance to profile health coaches who have managed to make it, and are truly successful.

Complete show notes: