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May 19, 2021

Do you feel like your health coaching business runs like a well-oiled machine? Or is it more like a hot mess?

A lot of coaches struggle to keep things organized and functioning smoothly in their business, and what that means is that their business often feels like a struggle, and the truth is, they're probably leaving opportunities and money on the table.

My guest today is an expert in systems, and that's what we talk about in this episode. Kristen Westcott specializes in helping coaches create efficient growth strategies to streamline and scale.

We talk about…

  • How to create or up-level your automated systems to support a high-end coaching client experience (and work with an abundance mindset)
  • How to up-level your communication and lead in a way that provides clarity and confidence to your clients in an ongoing capacity
  • How to determine if you need help, and evaluate the ROI of hiring a VA, OBM or Integrator, to reduce overwhelm and serve your coaching clients well
  • How to WOW your coaching clients throughout their journey (especially during off-boarding) to generate repeat business and referrals

...and lots more!

Complete show notes: