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Apr 28, 2021

If you're considering choosing weight loss as the niche for your health coaching business (but you're unsure about going in this direction because you don't want to focus on weight), then this week's podcast episode is for you.

I talk about the reasons why you might actually want to focus on weight loss in your coaching business, and then I talk about the various reasons why coaches hesitate to do this.

Some of the concerns I hear from new coaches all the time:

  • You don't want to be superficial
  • You know that true wellness is about so much more than simply losing weight
  • You believe in body positivity and you don't want to come across as judgmental

If any of that sounds familiar, and you're trying to decide if you should focus on weight loss and helping people to lose weight, you don't want to miss this episode. I go through the good and the bad aspects of focusing on weight loss, to help you decide for yourself if this is the right direction for you, and how to move forward.

Complete show notes: