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Nov 4, 2020

Is a lack of clients the #1 struggle in your coaching business right now?

For most coaches— especially in the beginning stages of growing a business— this is absolutely the biggest challenge.

And it’s why I decided to do a special 2-part series on my podcast, dedicated to this issue of why you’re not getting enough clients.

Because until you know WHY, and where the disconnect is happening, it’s hard to move forward and make the right corrections. 

So to help you figure out what’s going wrong, tune into this week’s podcast, part 2 of 2, where I tackle 5 specific reasons why you’re not getting enough clients.

Here are some of the things I talk about in this episode:

  • Why “coach-speak” is creating a wall between you and potential clients
  • Why a price point that’s too low may be blocking the sale
  • How you may be confusing your prospects with too many choices

...and much more!

Complete show notes:

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