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Oct 7, 2020

Are you struggling with confidence in your coaching business?

I see many women who are incredibly passionate about helping people, but they lack confidence in themselves. And it stops them from becoming visible, showing up, and promoting themselves.

Is that you, too?

If it is, then you’re not alone. And there are a number of ways to deal with this issue, but in today’s episode I’m going to talk to you about the one key shift that you can begin to make today that can make all the difference for you if this is something you struggle with.

People ask themselves, and me: how do I become more confident in my business?

But I have to tell you, this is the wrong question to ask.

It’s not about magically “becoming” more confident. It’s how to work through that lack of confidence and continue to move your business ahead in spite of those fears. 

So let’s talk about the trick that will help you do this, and it’s called the CAMERA trick. 

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