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Apr 30, 2020

If you’re at the beginning of your business-building journey, you might have jumped on Google or YouTube to try to find the information you need to launch your coaching business. And you thought, okay, I’m just going to try to do this myself, and see if I can get it going with a DIY approach.

So the question is: is this a good idea? Can you DIY your coaching business and get it started this way? Will it work?

Well, it might.

In some cases, and for certain people, a DIY approach is a good way to go. For other people, this is a setup for disappointment, frustration, and failure (in which case -- you really do need a mentor, coach, or business-building program to get off the ground). 

But not everybody needs that. So how do you know whether you can attempt the DIY approach, or whether you’re someone who needs more expert help?

This is the exact question I tackle during this episode. And I break it down into FIVE factors for you to consider, so you can decide if the DIY approach is for you.

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