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Feb 1, 2023

Let’s talk about the things that hold us back in business. If you’re building a business in the health and wellness industry, I’m willing to bet that the things that you THINK are holding you back aren’t the things that are actually holding you back.

This is true for many of us, but it’s especially true for my guest today, Kat Chao, who has built a huge amount of success growing her social media audience on TikTok and Instagram (to over 100K followers on each of those platforms)…but is still not where she would like to be, business-wise.

And you’re going to get to sit in as I coach her through this issue in real time.

You’ll hear us discuss the reasons behind that amazing success on social media and find out how she managed to accomplish this feat – and I think you’ll be surprised to learn how easily she was able to do it, especially since Kat is a mother of two young kids.

And you’ll also hear as I dig into her business and her mindset around monetizing, and see if we can uncover what’s going on for her and what’s holding her back from taking things to the next level, and I think you’re going to find it fascinating.

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