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Nov 3, 2021

If the legal aspects of your coaching business are causing you a lot of stress, this episode is definitely for you. My guest today is Cory Sterling, a lawyer, author, and yoga teacher. His law firm, Conscious Counsel, was awarded #1 Most Innovative Fitness and Wellness Law Firm of 2021.

In my conversation with Cory we talk about all kinds of legal matters for your online health coaching business, including…

  • Simple tips for protecting yourself and your business when you're practicing virtually
  • Exactly why you need to attend to the legal matters in your business as a health & wellness practitioner
  • The #1 thing health coaches need in their waiver to ensure they're protected
  • The legal considerations when you're pivoting to coaching from a licensed healthcare profession
  • How the legal landscape has changed in the wellness world
  • The meaning of waivers, liability, and so much more!

Complete show notes: