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Feb 17, 2021

In today’s episode you’re going to get to listen in to my chat with a very special guest, Dr. Michael Goldberg, who is a dentist and entrepreneur based in New York City.

Michael has always been ahead of the curve and on the forefront of dentistry’s innovation and integration into whole-health-focused practice. Most recently, he has turned his expertise towards Dental Sleep Medicine and TMJ or temporo mandibular joint disorders, and he is now also the author of several books and publications and continues to educate the public as well as dentists nationally and internationally through speaking and events and all kinds of interesting ventures.

In our chat today, Michael and I get into some very interesting topics! Here are some of the things we discuss:

  • Michael’s journey from dentistry to whole body preventive care and entrepreneurship
  • a fascinating explanation of why dentistry has historically done a better job of promoting prevention than conventional medicine has
  • We discuss what we both see to be some of the major limitations and shortcomings of our current healthcare systems. 
  • Michael shares with me what changes he would love to see in how we all approach wellness, and also about all the incredible opportunities that he sees coming out of this disastrous past year with the pandemic. 
  • We also talk about the untapped opportunities for collaboration between the medical, dental, and wellness worlds, and some of the ways we can begin to work together to elevate everything, and work toward a better way forward in health and wellness. 

...and a lot more.

Complete show notes: