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Sep 24, 2020

Are you having trouble getting enough clients? Do you feel like you’re in a sales slump? Maybe you had a few clients at one point, you’ve worked with a couple of people, but nothing consistent. 

If it feels like things have run dry, then this episode is definitely for you. 

It’s important, of course, to recognize that businesses go through cycles throughout the year. There are months when sales are high and months when they’re slower than normal. As a business owner it can be difficult at first to determine whether you’re going through the normal ebb and flow of business or if you’re in a sales slump. 

But when the lows seem to last a little longer than you’re comfortable with, you may actually be experiencing a slump. And that may be the perfect time to explore your options for shaking things up a bit in your business.

So in this episode we’re going to discuss FIVE things you can do that will help you transition your business out of a slump in no time.

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