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Mar 27, 2020

If you’re a health coach or a wellness entrepreneur, you might be panicking right now, wondering what is going to happen to your business as the coronavirus pandemic evolves.

As an M.D., I have been knee-deep in all my medical circles online, poring through all the updates coming to me through my official channels, and trying to make sense of what’s happening and — most importantly — where we’re headed. 

As an entrepreneur, I’ve got all the same questions and concerns that you have, too, about what this rapidly changing situation is going to mean for my business, for my clients’ businesses, and just for the economy in general.

In this episode, here are some of the things I cover:

  • the perspective of history — how the world has come through major disasters in the past
  • what you should be doing inside your business right now
  • how to pivot and shift inside your business, given the current climate
  • the most important problem to solve right now
  • how to take a long-term view
  • how to review and adjust your messaging right now
  • the mindset shift that will help you get grounded and calm


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