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Mar 17, 2020

If you're a health or wellness coach, you may have wondered if you should be trying connect with doctors and other healthcare practitioners to see if they would be interested in referring their patients to you.

And if that's the case, this episode is for you!

Referrals can be an incredibly powerful way to get clients through the door. But it must be said—there is definitely an art and a science to establishing a referral relationship with physicians.

And that's exactly what I tackle in this episode. 

Here are some of the things I cover:

  • my insider tips, as both a physician and a wellness coach
  • exactly what makes healthcare referrals so powerful
  • why referrals are an efficient marketing strategy — and how it saves you time AND money
  • case studies of coaches who successfully built a physician referral network
  • the 3 secret truths you need to know before approaching physicians for referrals
  • how to know if your business is ready for referrals


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3 Ways To Get New Clients: